November Pack Meeting

The pack meeting last Friday night was a blast with a lot of fun competition with our Space Derby rocket builders. We had a lot of close races and in the end we had a happy group of winners holding trophies and medals.

1st Place -

2nd Place -

3rd Place -

4th Place -

5th Place -

Best of Wolf Den -

Best of Bear Den -

Best Webelos -


Space Derby Announcement

Space Travelers,

I have some pointers that will help with tonight’s Space Derby;

  • Be sure the red plastic tube is covering the entire hook end of the wire.
  • The crafts will use ONE rubber band per craft.  This must be a rubber band that was supplied with the kit.
  • The ONE rubber band will be doubled, or perhaps in other words, folded in half, inside the craft.
  • Be sure to bend the wire over the end of the propeller in such a way to prevent the wire from being able to turn without rotating the propeller. The wire needs to rotate the propeller.
  • Be sure that the hanger and any fins are securely glued to the rocket.
  • Do not glue the dowel that holds the rubber band in place at the rear of the craft.
  • It is a good idea to create a notch into the rear of the craft to help keep the dowel from spinning (this is part of the directions that came in the box).
  • No wet paint please!

All crafts will be inspected when they are checked in to “Mission Control.”  The rubber band will be verified to be one that was supplied with the craft and that it is doubled over.  Any minor adjustments outside of this will be the responsibility of the parent.

Please try to arrive before 7pm.  This will help make sure that event starts on time and finishes at a decent hour.

We only had one person sign up to be on the Space Derby Committee.  In addition to me, to effectively run the event we need one or two adults to check in the crafts (they need to arrive early!), four adults to wind the propellers, two adults to retrieve the crafts at the finish line, and one adult to release the crafts.  The more help we get, the more fun the event will be.  Please consider helping in some fashion tonight!

I’m looking forward to see you at blast off time tonight!!!!

Pack 8 Chief Space Cadet
John Frantz